Meet The New Millennial Power Brokers

By Lisa Chamoff | November 14, 2019

What are your secrets to getting big listings?

Some of our biggest ‘listings; have actually not been one individual apartment, but rather an exclusive right to sell an entire new development with sellouts totaling $40 million or more. The key to securing these highly sought-after opportunities for us has been rooted in our value driven and innovative approach. Traditional methods of selling NYC real estate are still important, but no longer are enough on their own. Our clients have resonated with our creative marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships and activations that other competitors do not offer. Clients also recognize that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make each transaction happen, which is why they look for highly driven individuals to represent them.

How do you build your brand?

When building your brand, it’s important to begin by understanding your competitive edge and defining your target demographic. Being young in age has allowed us to build our messaging around representing the next generation of real estate. Additionally, a significant portion of our brand identity has also been tied to the organization we founded called TOWRE – The Organization by Women in Real Estate. TOWRE has provided the perfect platform through which we are able to curate very exclusive events for our clients and remain top of mind.

Why are sellers choosing younger agents over older ones with their biggest assets?

As more and more millennials reach the prime home-buying age, it’s imperative that sellers seek representation from agents who can effectively speak to and relate to what is important to these buyers. Additionally, social media has become an extremely powerful and relatively inexpensive marketing tool. For this reason, agents who have a considerable social media presence and following can add tangible value to a sale of a property.

How do you compete with agents who have been in the industry for decades? 

Years in the business does not always equate to results. Often it is more difficult for seasoned agents to adapt to changing climates as technology continues to revolutionize the way that we meet, interact and transact with clients. The numbers don’t lie – so as long as you are producing better results than that of your competitors, clients are compelled to work with you.