21 Experts on NYC’s Most Important Projects of the Past Decade

By Dana Shulz | December 30, 2019

Affordable senior housing continued to be a priority for New Yorkers as rents reached record highs

Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran, the Milano-Rambarran Team at Halstead: While there have been many developments that have contributed to shaping New York City’s ever-changing skyline over the past decade, we believe the development that has made the biggest impact on the city is Essex Crossing. The area which is now Essex Crossing was once the largest undeveloped owned land south of 96th Street, and the discussion of what should be developed there has been a discussion for generations. The development brought many of the discussions to ease by accommodating for everyone in the city by including both affordable and senior housing. In addition to a variety of residences, Essex Crossing is now a mega-hub for retail and office space, local businesses, restaurants and is the new home for the famous Essex-Market.