High heels match high ambitions of Halstead Women in Residential Real Estate


January 4, 2019

by James Pero

If there’s one thing Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran want people to know about real estate, it’s that you can do what they do. The “you,” in their case applying pointedly to women, especially those who haven’t yet entered the field. As a testament to their goal, the two brokers who comprise the Milano-Rambarran team at Halstead, founded WIRRE, Women in Residential Real Estate, and, in a little more than a year, have amassed a significant following in and around New York City. What separates WIRRE from other organizations of its ilk is not that they cater specifically to helping women in real estate — there are other organizations by similar names who also champion that cause — but the scope of women they’re interested in helping.