The Milano-Rambarran Team

at Halstead

The Milano-Rambarran Team, led by principal brokers Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran, have built a foundation of success that stems from the combination of integrity, vigorous work ethic and a strategic business approach.

Specializing in New Development, the duo has completed business in various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Their spirited creativity and ability to research and learn quickly mesh together to maximize value for their clients, whether that be in the sale or purchase of a home. In addition to the team’s new development business, they have a thriving luxury resale business. This puts the Milano-Rambarran Team in a unique pocket of agents that have the capacity to service both developers as well as home owners.

In addition to their brokerage business, Candice and Malessa founded a platform called W.I.R.R.E. – Women in Residential Real Estate. The mission of this platform is to educate and empower clients on how to utilize real estate as a wealth building tool. In just one year since launching WIRRE, they have amassed a following of over 18,000 NYC residents.

The Milano-Rambarran Team continues to be a thought leading tandem of agents who build close relationships and friendships with their clients. “In new development, it is typically a minimum of a two-year process. Naturally by working so closely with a team for that long you can easily develop lasting friendships.”

Malessa Rambarran
Known for her versatility, Malessa Rambarran’s ability to adapt to market trends and the fast-paced nature of real estate is insurmountable. Her tenacious, yet nurturing approach is the foundation of her success and the reason why she has built a long list of referral business.

Candice Milano
Candice Milano’s approach to real estate is far different than most brokers. Passionate and innovative, she has established a value driven business formula that thrives on “out-of-the-box” strategies – ultimately producing superior results.

Candice Milano
t. 212.381.2639 c. 203.837.6992

Malessa Rambarran
t. 212.381.3211 c. 347.852.3513