“The New Millennial Power Brokers,” According to Forbes
Rising Stars in Real Estate, Crain’s
Named “One of NYC’s Real Estate Experts” by 6sqft

With a combined 12 years of experience, The Milano Rambarran Team — led by Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran — has been widely recognized for being at the forefront of the next generation of real estate. Their innovative marketing, creative strategies, hands-on approach, and commitment to integrity have resulted in industry recognition and an incredibly successful business.

Not only is the Milano Rambarran Team dedicated to providing the highest level of service, but their goal of empowering clients has ensured a long list of loyal clientele. By forging meaningful relationships and sharing their extensive market knowledge, the team provides unparalleled value for their clients.

Specializing in new development—and also representing a robust resale business—Candice and Malessa skillfully work with developers, homeowners, and buyers. Conducting business in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, they are experts in deal origination, negotiation, conceptual design, and the sales and marketing of luxury real estate. The team is currently marketing $250 million in real estate.

In addition to their brokerage business, Candice and Malessa are the founders of TOWRE, a groundbreaking platform that educates and empowers members to turn real estate into a wealth-building tool. Through informative programming and networking events, TOWRE fosters valuable partnerships and connections in the industry.

As a result of their forward-thinking approach to real estate, the Milano Rambarran Team has been named “The New Millennial Power Brokers” by Forbes, “Rising Stars in Real Estate” by Crain’s, and “NYC Real Estate Experts” by 6sqft. They have been featured extensively in the media, with publications including Forbes, The Real Deal, Curbed, Real Estate Weekly, The New York Post, 6sqft, and Fox 5 News.

The team has been featured extensively in the media for their innovative approach to real estate. Publications include Forbes, 6sqft, The New York Post, Fox 5 News, The Real Deal, Curbed, and Real Estate Weekly.

The Milano-Rambarran Team led by principal brokers Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran, have built a foundation of success that stems from the combination of integrity, vigorous work ethic, and a strategic business approach. Specializing in New Development, the duo has completed business in various neighborhoods throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Their spirited creativity and ability to research has enabled them to maximize value for their clients. In addition to the team’s new development business, they have a thriving luxury resale business. This puts the Milano-Rambarran Team in a unique pocket of agents that have the capacity to service both developers as well as home owners and buyers.

In addition to their brokerage business, Candice and Malessa founded a platform called TOWRE, The Organization by Women in Real Estate, which is a first-of-its-kind network comprising real estate’s most elite. The organization is on a mission to create valuable partnerships and connections through a series of exclusive events and educational programming.The Milano-Rambarran Team continues to be a thought-leading tandem of agents who strive to develop and nurture strong relationships with their clients. “In new development, it is typically a minimum of a two-year process. Naturally by working so closely with a team for that long you can easily develop lasting friendships.”

Malessa Rambarran, principal

When Malessa Rambarran bought her first home, she realized the importance of a capable and trustworthy real estate agent. Today, she leads the next generation of real estate with her cutting-edge marketing, hands-on business approach, and extensive market knowledge.

Known as a versatile and tenacious yet nurturing agent, Malessa—along with Candice Milano—helms the industry-leading Milano Rambarran Team. Her commitment to expertly guiding and empowering her clients is the foundation of her incredibly successful business, industry recognition, and long list of loyal clientele.

Specializing in new development, Malessa is an expert in deal origination, negotiation, conceptual design, and the marketing and sales of luxury real estate. She also conducts a robust luxury resale business throughout the New York metropolitan area and is currently marketing $250 million of real estate.

Prior to real estate, Malessa studied Business Journalism and was a writer at FORTUNE Small Business Magazine.

Candice Milano, principal

At the forefront of the next generation of real estate, Candice Milano takes an approach to real estate that’s far different from most agents. Her innovative marketing and creative strategies result in a winning formula for her clients.

“I want to make sure that our clients always walk away with value,” says Candice, who along with Malessa Rambarran helms the industry-leading Milano Rambarran Team. This commitment not only to excellent service but also to empowering her clients has led to an incredibly successful business, industry recognition, and a long list of loyal clientele.

Specializing in the sales and marketing of new developments throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, Candice also represents a robust luxury resale business. Her expertise in both facets of the industry as well as her deep understanding of various markets distinguish her from most agents, allowing her to skillfully represent developers, homeowners, and buyers. She is currently marketing $250 million of real estate.

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